Coffee Brands

We offer a wide range of freshly roasted coffee blends. Our experienced roasters select with great care the green coffee beans, carefully blend and roast them. It is their passion to roast every blend in a way to respect and fully develop their delicate aromas. Taste and find out which one of our brands and blends suits you best...

Natural Bean coffee - get fresh with your coffee


Puro Fairtrade Coffee - saving the rainforest


Vittoria Coffee beans

Natural Bean is an award-winning, 100% Arabica coffee, locally blended and roasted. This brand offers a selection of the finest coffees, for true coffee lovers.


Puro's coffee beans are sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives. Our small farmers are meticulous about their business and pick their crop with great care. Their passion can be tasted in every cup of Puro.


Family owned and Australian based, Vittoria Coffee is roasting the finest quality, 100% Arabica beans sourced from producers all over the world.

Miko Coffee beans


Lavazza - Italy's favourite coffee


Grand Milano - coffee in the classic Milano style

With more than 200 years of experience as a coffee roasting company coffee, Miko offers a range of coffee blends that reflects their knowledge and heritage.


Italy’s favorite coffee since 1895, Lavazza’s experience in roasting coffee beans is reflected in every cup of espresso.



Grand Milano is a powerful yet delicate, Italian-inspired blend of coffee, created using the finest beans and carefully roasted for a sweet, rich and rounded coffee in the classic Milano style.


We have an extensive range of freshly roasted coffee, tea, chai, sugar, paper cups, and other workplace coffee maker accessories,...
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