Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade coffee beans, carefully picked and processedAustralians love their coffee.  A coffee to kick start the day or to catch up with friends and colleagues is part of our daily lifestyle, whether it be at home, in a café or at work.  This is a truly unique coffee culture we have here.

This is why we, the Corporate Coffee Solutions team, are passionate about the quality of our freshly roasted coffee beans.

Passion also runs through the small coffee farmers who grow Puro Fairtrade coffee, one of the brands we supply.
They are dedicated to growing top quality coffee beans and have inherited so much knowledge from generation to generation. 

Fair trade Coffee in your Workplace

How many cups of coffee and tea do you and your colleagues drink per day? Imagine the impact on these small coffee farmers, if you would make one small change to Fairtrade coffee. 
Offering Puro Fairtrade coffee and tea to your staff and visitors is an easy way to demonstrate your company wants to take responsibility for the effects on environmental and social wellbeing.


All our coffee and tea is 100% Fairtrade certified.

  • Puro Fairtrade coffee beans
  • Puro Fairtrade espresso capsules
  • Puro Fairtrade instant coffee sticks
  • Puro pouch pack -  pre dosed coffee filters
  • A wide range of Fairtrade tea
  • Puro Fairtrade hot chocolate – sachets cocoa

Coffee Machines

We offer traditional and automatic coffee machines for small, medium and large businesses, meeting facilities and conference centers.

What does the Fairtrade label stand for?

Puro Fairtrade Coffee beans

The Fairtrade mark on our coffee packaging shows you that Puro coffee has been ethically and sustainably grown by small-scale producers and cooperatives that meet internationally agreed social, economic and environmental standards.

When you buy fair trade coffee, you help to provide fairer prices, better terms of trade and additional funds for small coffee farmers.

The farmer gets a fixed minimum price, allowing him to improve his business in the long term
They also receives a Fairtrade Premium to invest in projects such as education and healthcare which benefits the whole community.